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Safety & Sustainability


Not only does Pinnacle Construction take pride in producing high-quality Virginia construction and development, proficient and effective scheduling, and expert field management, we also pride ourselves on our excellent safety record, maintained since the company's inception in 1991. Pinnacle's Experience Modification Rating for the past five years is less than 1.0. Pinnacle strives to provide a safe working environment for their employees and the public by upholding a strict safety policy focusing on accident prevention. The Association of General Contractors has awarded Pinnacle with a Certificate of Commendation for Excellent Safety Record for the past five years.

Pinnacle Construction achieves this excellent Virginia contractor safety record by performing pre-employment drug testing along with post-accident drug testing. Pinnacle Construction understands the importance of employing drug-free employees in construction and building projects in order to keep the company's Virginia job sites and surrounding areas safe and drug-free. Additionally, weekly field safety meetings are required and provide relevant information to employees in order to keep them safe and well informed.


Pinnacle Construction & Development Corp. has embraced sustainability by developing Virginia multifamily construction projects that seek the EarthCraft Certification. The EarthCraft Multifamily building development program is a process and standard for the certification of multifamily buildings. It is one of the first green building construction programs to have a certification for both new Virginia construction and renovations for multifamily projects. During this process, project stakeholders are guided through a charrette to identify site planning and building construction decisions. A holistic point-based worksheet is adopted to address all aspects of energy efficiency, durability, indoor air quality, resource efficiency, waste management, and water conservation.